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The main objective of my art is to create something that makes you smile, and opens your eyes to the beauty in everything. Anyone can create beautiful pieces of art, but the way I do it is by looking at nature and adding bright, whimsical things and creating something beautiful from it. Being an artist is my passion and what brings me joy. I feel connected to every piece that I create on some level and love every second I spend working on each piece. My inspiration comes from how art is in everything(it can be anything), secretly hidden and wildly shown. Making art is what helps me capture the things that I see and feel.  It is so special i get to share that, in my paintings and in my teaching.  Glad to be living and loving art.

Who I Am

Why I make Art?

I am Savannah Anciso and I am a freelance artist, illustrator, designer, lifelong student of art, and teacher/educator. Im based in Austin Texas, I use a variety of many mediums: acrylic, ink, watercolor, even digital pieces, sometimes on their own or as mixed media. A lot of my series pieces are about being able to look out the window into whimsy and the beauty of nature.

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