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The main objective of my art is to create something that makes you smile, and opens your eyes to the beauty in everything. Making art is what helps me capture the things that I see and feel.  It is so special i get to share that. I also derive immense satisfaction from the process of bringing my vision to life(the steps it takes to get there), from the initial spark of inspiration to the finished product. I am an artist because I love the journey of creation and the ability to express myself through my work. Being an artist is my passion and what brings me joy. I feel connected to every piece that I create and love every second I spend working on each piece.

Who I Am

Why I make Art?

I am Savannah Anciso. I am a freelance artist, illustrator, designer, lifelong student of art, and teacher/educator. Basically I like to create!

Im originally from South Texas now based in Austin (the big city!). I work in a range of mediums: acrylic, ink, watercolor, digital, mixed media. My style can be characterized as bright, and whimsical, I use various techniques and processes, with each step of the artistic journey being integral to the final piece.

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